Skincare Advice for Spring: A Dermatologist’s Perspective

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The changing of the seasons is always a time to switch up your skincare routine and products, to take better care of your skin. In this blog we have asked Dr. Natalie on how you can keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the entire season of spring.


Dr Natalia Spierings is a UK-trained consultant dermatologist with practices in both London and Dubai. She has a master’s in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary, University of London and is known by patients for her pragmatic and evidence-based approach to aesthetic procedures. She recently published her first book, Skintelligent: what you really need to know to get great skin, to help people navigate the confusing world of skincare with facts. Dr Natalia Spierings can currently be seen on Series 4 of Channel 5’s Skin A&E.


Read Dr. Natalia’s spring skincare tips below


What ingredients are the best when it comes to spring skincare?

In the UK, as the days get longer, we all will be exposed to daylight sunshine more, even just during a normal commute (a lot of people never see the sun on their commutes in the winter in the UK!). So for this reason, the only thing that may need to change in terms of skincare is adding in a SPF 50 in the morning if you don’t already use one.

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How does warmer climate affect our skin and how can we take care of it?

Aside from the increased sun exposure, there isn’t anything that changes in warmer climates that can affect skin. People often feel they are more oily when it is warmer out but that is due to the increase in humidity; this increased feeling of oiliness is just that – a feeling – and doesn’t mean you will be more prone to breakouts or spots in a warmer climate.


Any skincare steps that we can't miss during this time?

Probably just adding in sunscreen in the morning.

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How can we prevent our skin from breakouts during spring?

Don’t overload the skin with products – there is no need to do this with a change in season or any time of the year. Using too many products at once is one of the key drivers of skin irritation and acne-like eruptions.

You can read more about how to take care of your skin during spring here.

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