What to look for when buying lip care products

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Lips, unlike the rest of your body's skin, lack sebaceous glands. These small glands split open to form hair follicles, and are in charge of creating the oil that maintains the skin smooth and moisturised. While it seems natural to lick your lips to keep them moisturised, doing so actually causes additional dryness. Yeast can also accumulate on the lips as a result of licking. This can result in angular cheilitis, or painful inflammation at the corners of the lips.

Fortunately, a few ingredients can aid in the maintenance of soft and smooth lips. These lip care ingredients can keep your lips looking great no matter what season it is. The secret to healthy lips is to use a  moisturising product on a daily basis. If your lips are extremely dry, you should exfoliate them 1-2 times per week. 

Hyaluronic Acid: As a lip plumper, hyaluronic acid fills in fissures on the surface of your lips and keeps the cells hydrated. Hyaluronic acid is also an effective treatment for lip lines. By applying HA to your lips and the area around your mouth, you will boost hydration, which will result in lines being ironed out and an overall smoother, line-free appearance. If you have pigmentation around your mouth and lips, HA can help to lighten and decrease it.


The Pro-Intense Hydra Plump Lip Serum combines powerful moisture-stabilising active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid and Mint. Hyaluronic acid aims to deeply hydrate and plump the lip and instantly helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth whilst Mint contributes to nourish, protect and soften the lip. 

Collagen: Collagen is a protein that the body naturally makes to cushion joints and provide structure, shape, and suppleness to the skin. The more collagen you have, the fuller, stronger, and less wrinkled your skin and lips will be. Able's Antioxidising and Replenishing Collagen Lip Serum keeps lips noticeably nourished, soft, and supple all day. Collagen seeks to act as a vital elasticity building component, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lips.


Peptides: Peptides are short chains of amino acids that, when applied topically, can serve as messengers, causing cells to create more collagen and elastin and improving overall skin health. They help to visibly plump and decrease the appearance of wrinkles around the lips. The Instant Pro Peptides Face - Eye & Lip Line Lift is fortified with Goji berries, Granactive AGE, and Isododecane. Harbouring powerful antioxidant properties, Goji berries help increase skin hydration, as well as tighten and firm skin surface, thereby promoting the appearance of a radiant and youthful glow. Besides, Granactive AGE helps renew skin plumpness, elasticity and hydration, whilst working to fill in lines and wrinkles to give a youthful appearance. Finally, Isododecane, added to the formula, aims to lightly coat the skin surface to soften and smooth it without irritation whilst mattifying complexion.


Because it is dry and freezing outside, lips are prone to chapping and splitting during the winter. Extreme heat or wind can also cause chapping. The same way that hotter, warmer weather affects our skin, you can read more about how to care for your skin throughout spring here.


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